Below are some examples on talks I’ve done in the past. If you would like to book a talk don’t hesitate to contact me here.

Foresight Factory (trend agency), London, United Kingdom “How to make VR meaningful” I was invited to the agency's "The Creative Exchange" (a programme which invites innovators, experts and industry disruptors to share their ideas) to present my work and to discuss the connection between the physical and VR worlds, and the future role of VR in consumers’ lives. Watch the agency’s video about me here. (June 2018)

Gnosjö Bibliotek, Gnosjö, Sweden. “About The Garden of Thoughts” Did an artist talk about The Garden of Thoughts, describing how I work and how I developed the concept. (November 2018)

VR meet-up, Malmö, Sweden “Creating a moment of calm”. A 30 min talk where I described my creative process and shared some ideas on how virtual reality can be used to reduce stress and to enhance our senses. (October 2018)

Financing Forum for Kids Content, Malmö, Sweden at the opening industry day - NEW REALITIES – NEW WORLDS – NEW EXPERIENCES. I was one of 4 speakers invited to do an inspirational talk at the conference. In my talk I described how and why I work with VR in combination with installation, I also showed my VR-experience "The Garden of Thoughts". (March 2018)

Nordisk Panorama Film Festival, Malmö, Sweden How we did it: VR as a performative space I did a 45 min talk about my VR-experience "The Garden of Thoughts" (Le jardin des pensées), together with Bjarke Pedersen, experience designer. (September 2017)

Stpln, Malmö, Sweden Inspirational talk Did a talk about my project and why I work with VR on a inspirational day for film and journalist students from Fridhems and Skurups folkhögskolor. (August 2017)